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By aquatec, Feb 4 2016 12:54PM

Click here to watch our instructional video.

Instructions are as follows-

1. Ensure the DSMB is attached to your line and reel.

2. Release Velcro closure strap.

3. Check to see water above is clear or other divers.

4. Pull toggle to from left to right (when the firing mechanism is facing the diver) in a strong, swift motion.

5. DSMB will begin to inflate, release it and allow reel to unwind as buoy ascends.

To reload the buoy-

1. In a relatively dry place- remove the CO2 cannister by turning counter-clockwise.

2. allow CO2 to vent through firing mechanism and buoy to deflate.

3. when fully deflated ensure mechanism is clean and dry then insert a new, full CO2 cylinder and tighten it by turning clockwise until hand tight in the mechanism.

What to do annually if you don't use the buoy-

1. If unused for long periods the CO2 cyclinders can corrode, if an old one has been left in the buoy for 12months fire it as per the instructions above and replace it.

2. The CO2 cylinders should be recycled.

DO NOT rinse or submerge the buoy without a CO2 cylinder tightly screwed into the firing mechanism, it is incredibly hard to remove water from inside the buoy and the firing mechanism may corrode.

The Signal Mark Auto can be purchased here.

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